The Zodiac Rhapsody

Dear women, no matter how much you strive to be a different person every day, there are traits about you that originate from the pattern of the stars and it’s time to discover and embrace your true calling.

The world around you might be swarming with fashion innovators- celebrities, stylists, fashion editors and socialites climbing up the trend ladder and leaving behind notes for you to follow every day, but the most attractive women are the ones who carry their own definition of style wherever they go. Self Style, therefore is epic and the more you acclimatize to your nature as a person, the more comfortable and communicative your wardrobe gets.

Speaking of communicative; there is so much your lingerie choices say about you. Do you prioritize your lingerie wardrobe enough? Do you realize how much the peeking strap of red says about your intimate choices? If not, then we are here to take you on a smooth sail of your inner self.
Hold on tight!

(January 21- February 19)


Behold the women, who cannot be bottled up no matter what may come their way.
You Aquarians are often compared with butterflies, flapping your wings around and landing on all the prettiest flowers on the lane, but never settling at one place forever.
– Experiment all you want with your wardrobe, because remember, you do not settle with what the world throws your way, you discover the rarest of them and never bow down to the stereotypes.

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Like our very own legendary Aquarian girl Oprah Winfrey, you are strong, independent, and possess the strength and will come to blows with life if it throws shit your way.
You are a unique hurricane and a hurricane doesn’t dress up like a breeze.
– Hold on to the tempting colors of the palette to express your inner desires, breezy shades can never define you.
– Follow the less is more mantra because that is what you truly believe in and splurge all you can on bikinis and thongs.
If outgoing is who you are, then that’s exactly how you should dress and feel.

(February 20- March 20)

Mystifying in your own magnificent way, you Pisceans are dream girls who are often believed to be gifted with psychic abilities and spot on intuitions. We are all quite aware with your inability to accept rejection and why should a true water girl be rejected after all?
– Anything carved out of satin fabric or smooth and lustrous silhouette is the real deal for you. Similar to water, you flow your way through life with utter elegance.
P.C: blog.journelle

– Owing to your love for tapping your feet on offbeat rhythms of life, you must indulge on erotic, complicated as well as fun designs and prints to make your wardrobe interesting.

(March 21- April 20)

Aries, always the Alpha of the pack, challenges and you have a thing for each other. Ruled by the symbol of fire, there’s passion burning at the core of your heart and you do everything you do, with your heart and soul emerged into it.
– Do not let your fickle mind get the best of your lingerie choices and stick to what defines who you really are: The one who always gets things done, her way.
– A bold persona calls for bold colors and cuts, daring reds and sultry purple are your kinda shades.

Possessed by Pink | Lurewear
P.C: Lurewear Briefs

Because the fearless you, deserves a fearless wardrobe too!

(April 21- May 21)

The easiest to spot in a crowd: Taurus women are usually composed, sweet and obsessed to all the pretty little things around them.
All that brouhaha surrounding your persistent and persevering nature, and the outburst of your hidden wrath, when pushed too far, reminds us of our mother earth.


– The colors that best amalgamate with your personality are neutrals, shades of orchids and rich browns.

– Referring to the strong impact of bubbly girl like emotions inside you, stuff your lingerie wardrobe with a number of babydolls. Free falling, amicable and luxurious at the same time.

(May 22 – June 21)


You know how they say Gemini’s are too many personalities hidden beneath one skin!
A stuffed up girl you are, with your emotions flying all over the place one minute, and packed up and deep rooted inside, the other. You can turn into a ninja from a fairy God mother any time of the day and you mystify the world with all the people you can be in one.

P.C: fashionsophies
All of that vibrant persona at the surface or inside you must have varied intimate choices and keeping up could get crazy for a non-shoppaholic.
– Being the Mercury person, colors that suffice your taste are always jumping around aqua marine tones. However you get gloomy and bored of a constant thing and your soul screams for changes the entire team.
– Your unconventional moves add the love for unconventional shades to your list of “to buy” things.
– Splurge on that “glow in the dark” lingerie and extra deep cuts then and now, because you never know when the sultry you reappears on the surface.

(June 22- July 22)

These adorable moon children’s can be drenched head to toe in romance, and express signs of wrath and perplexed feelings at the same time. Similar to the tides of water bodies, cancerians can run towards your allure at high speed and draw back to their own shell in no time.
A gem at heart, you are most recognized to be the kind of woman who does incessantly for the people around her, never asking for much in return. Your sensitive and sympathetic nature draws you all the attention you might not be secretly dreaming of.

P.C: fashionsophies
– Your soul yearns for comfort and the best list of lingerie one could ever enlist for you starts with Pajamas.
– Splurge on colors cute as a button, from shades of peppy pink to fresh lavenders to uplift your bright soul.

(July 23- August 22)

1125595_1349362624460_full - Copy

“I am woman, hear me roar in numbers too big to ignore, and I know too much to go back and pretend. Cause I’ve heard it all before and I’ve been down there on the floor, no one’s ever gonna keep me down again”
Sounds familiar? The lyrics to the Helen Reddy classic could sum up what it’s really like to be a Leo Woman.
Ruled by the mightiest of all, the Sun, you shine with an unbeatable charm and zeal and can allure the entire place with your confidence and bright smile.
When you are not roaring out, you have the softest purr-ing going on, and demand oodles of care to be kept (although you are the one that does the keeping most of the time).

0e0d2793cacc05f5f09ea0dc8ffe8a68 - Copy
P.C: gfxbee2
– To hold the fort down with your magical charm, you must feel as magical as you are. Flock your wardrobes with tons and tons of shades of red, fiery oranges, bright yellows, because warm colors are definitely your thing.
– Never compromise “bold” when you are beautiful. Being the born trendsetter you are, opt for animal prints and sexy corsets and bustiers, all the things confident women are besotted by.

(August 23- September 23)

The classy of them all, Virgo women walk around exuberating oodles of positive vibes.
A believer in kindness, compassion, and honest opinion, you walk with your feet firmly on the ground and can draw out the differences in reality and imagination.
Invest some quality time to your lingerie wardrobe and make your entire world as systematic as you love to keep things.

7ec50d86acd39b20ce6e5d867f87a5c2 - Copy
– With an unerring eye for feminism, you draw to the most stylish and graceful designs. Laces were made for women like you.
– Soft comfortable robes and baby dolls are a must to feel free spirited.
– Opt for delicate shades, mostly whites and off whites that are carved as enigmatic lingerie sets.

(September 24 – October 23)


The need to stay fashion forward makes you an interesting experimenter of styles.
While your charismatic nature draws the attention of everyone in a room towards you, your sartorial choices elongate the life of the attention you receive. It’s in your nature to strike the perfect balance, and that’s something you can pull off in any situation.

– Being the air sign you are, introduce frills to your wardrobe and open your heart to feathery lingerie designs.
– Enjoy the commanding thwap of the newest trends in your wardrobe and let your fashion sense do the talking.
– Please your souls with the rose tinted prints and shades.

(October 24 – November 22)

P.C: cafeastrology
The world knows that there’s no kind of women in the face of this planet as sexy an appealing as the Scorpions. Embrace yourself!
While water washes away your insecurities as your zodiac element, your ruling planet Mars adds the desires of the unwanted to your nature.

0fb6f7cc2524e1dd92359812f74e8f01 - Copy
– Unlike the others, your lingerie wardrobe screams out your love for the guilty pleasures of life (if not, you are doing it all wrong)
– As a style over comfort persona, indulge the most you can on all the sexiest colors specifically, Marsala and variant shades like Burgundy.
– Add sheer sex appeal and drama to your wardrobe, there’s no real scorpio that ain’t a sucker for stuff like that.

(November 23 – December 21)


A Sagi deserves a wardrobe as independent, and quirky as her nature. We know about your fascination for all the interesting things existing in life, along with deep rooted religion ideas and morality. Why not open up your minds and indulge in the world of lingerie just as much?

– Owing to your love for flexible routines, splurge on a variety of quirky, ethnic prints from Aztec prints to monochromes and color blocks.
– While Turquoise continues to be your lucky colors, also dive into other aqua marine shades and unconventional combinations.

(December 22 – January 20)

Ambitious is your other name. Although you have garnered the expertise of looking right into the eyes of men and stealing their profitable deals away in a blink, you are not too much of an experimenter when it comes to lingerie. You stick to the tried and tested and decide revolving your busy head around stereotypes when it comes to wardrobe buys.

P.C: Fabfoundations
– Since you steer clear of too much drama and like to keep things practical at all layers of life, stick to the very classic lingerie designs.
– While you opt for the bikinis and boyshorts, add a little bit of lace (very classic) to pretty things up.

Groove To The Symphony Of Comfort


Ladies, when it comes to shopping for the perfect underwear, steer clear for any sort of product that makes you twinge, tilt or toggle on your heels. While finding the best fabric and an ultimate design for your underwear wardrobe is a MUST, pulling those pants up for the sake of the fancy laces and sexy cuts is a BIG NOOOOO!

big no

Image Courtesy:
Brands nowadays take that road beyond imagination in an attempt to offer the best of the available avant garde to the women of this generation.

Remember splurging on something over “elaborate” invites a list of problems to your wardrobe along with it:
• Panties that are intricately designed on the surface show the lines when the fabric of your clothing isn’t thick enough.
• The best you can do is splurge on another set of tights or body suit to hide the lines within the layers.
• That is another HURDLE to the comfort you need.
• Not every piece of tights or body suit is well suited with every kind of cloth your wardrobe owns.
• In no time, you will find yourself stuck in the clutches of unnecessary worrying about cuts, hemlines, length, slits and whatnots!


why complecate your life
It is such a doltish rumor that men are only lured by the charm of flamboyantly dressed women. Pretty, classy, sophisticated and cute attracts as much “positive” attention as any Queen B out there.
There are heaps of designer wears and branded panties that can suffice to your needs of a day time spin and bed time stories at the same time.

And no, they do not ask for absurd utility rules like:
• Tie me up a notch
• Stick your breath in 24*7
• Do not move too fast, Do not dance around like a rockstar
• Let your butts loose
• Show me off!

And if you have got your pretty little head worrying about losing the sizzle by prioritizing comfort over chaos oops we mean, crochet, the comfortable and solid colored or pretty printed panties are doing a damn good job in flattering the diva. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the pictures from Kylie Minogue’s shoot for the Sloggi campaign.


Image courtesy:

We would like to call it a “Stunning in a Skimpy” campaign. Isn’t it amazing when you can grin and feel ravishing effortlessly? There are products out there that were made to take care of you, when you put comfort on your radar, the idea of “less is more” is a cliché.
Choose wisely amidst a multitude of options:
• The Bikini Style


Lurewear Bikinis
Neither less, nor more, the Bikini style is one of the most common panty styles nowadays. It provides the exact amount of coverage you require.

• The Culotte Style


A full back coverage can be the best kind of wind for your sails. And cherry on the cake: It provides seamless coverage and goes perfectly with all the pretty skirts and dresses you own.

• The Brief Style
Although the hip coverage of a brief is never as good as that of boyshorts or culottes, however briefs along with bikinis are the best available options for everyday wears.

• The Boyshort Style
For those who know of the lure of a cheeky look, Boyshorts are the most convenient option of them all. The style fits around the cheeks of the back perfectly and unflinchingly, the most comfortable wear with formals.

• The Control Brief

Lurewear Tummy Control Briefs

Speaking of control let’s not underestimate these panties. They do a lot more than simply controlling the flab of your stomach. Control briefs provide complete coverage, support and shape to your body.

Of all the styles available, these are some of the easiest to slip on, and win the day kind of designs. What makes these our favorites and most preferred is the simple realization that one can never go wrong by choosing these comfortable classics.

Marsala – Wear It Right!

At the center of all the attention from designers, retailers, consumers and media this year, is the color- Marsala.

“Much like the fortified wine that gives Marsala its name, this tasteful hue embodies the satisfying richness of a fulfilling meal while its grounding red-brown roots emanate a sophisticated, natural earthiness. This hearty, yet stylish tone is universally appealing and translates easily to fashion, beauty, industrial design, home furnishings and interiors”, were the words that defined the essence of the color by Pantone.
Leatrice Eiseman, the Executive Director of Pantone Color Institute, expressed her appreciation of the newest explore of the color pallete as “Marsala enriches our mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability. Marsala is a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us in to its embracing warmth”.
While the absolutely stunning aristocratic yet down to earth shade has been planted for the growth of product lines enriched with its color by many a famous names in the world of fashion, wearing the extra-ordinary color right, has not exactly been a cakewalk for most of us.
Listed below are the easiest ways to flaunt the color of the year with sheer perfection:
Let Marsala compliment your Complexion
Doesn’t the shade remind you of a vintage wine? Marsala offers a feeling of being drenched in an earthly beauty. Choose the shades smartly and let them compliment your natural complexion. You know, not all the colors of the palette have the potential of bringing out the best in you, but a color as beautiful as Marsala finds a way to enhance your features in the best possible way.

The Women you are, underneath it all
forloveandlemons marsala lingerie
Image Credits:

There is something about the dark hues that can bring out the heroes inside us. A touch of Marsala can boost your inner confidence and empower you with its aura any day.

A Royal Touch
Image Credits: PinInterest

The extremely extravagant touch of royalty Marsala, can make the dapper knights drool over the poise of a woman. Do not let the color fade away before it adds its blush on your skin.

The Sinfully Sweet
Image Credits:
A sexy plunge line and a killer shade, that’s all a woman needs. Make your nights a little sweeter with the plum of Marsala and doll yourself with the fanciest possible designs.

The Little Marsala Dress
Image Credits:
Am I the only one around here who has grown tired of the LBW’s and LBD’s swarming party nights? Hell no? I thought so. Here’s what will help you stand apart and yet totally in fashion: A color not as bright as red, and yet as feline and bold as a Lion.

Some extra Oomph and Color
Image Credits:
Unconventional Color combinations are always a fashionistas first choice. You are not the diva if you have not grown fond of experimenting with style and influencing the world with your unique combinations. Marsala, although a rare shade so far, has come a long way to establish its essence in our shiny little world of glamour and can be well contrasted with some of our very own primary colors. Well well, so much for unconventional!

Paint the Carpet – Marsala
Image Credits:
Our favorite Upper East Sider, Blake Lively, or whom we all know as our GG obsession Serena Van Der Woodsen got it right even before Pantone captured the color on its palette. The Red Carpet of Cannes Film Festival 2014 witnessed Lively slither around in a Gucci couture that had the paparazzi glued on her. You got to give some credits to the stunner who earned the shade all that limelight.
The next time you head to the stores for a stunning long dress, you know which shade to look for.
Head over Heels
marsala-wedding-ideas-10-500x333 (1)
Image Credits:
And with the right pair of heels you can conquer the world. But how do you always know if the pair is “right”? It’s easy to identify when it’s an amazeballs shade. We no longer need glass slippers to live our fairytale fantasies; a touch of Marsala is as magical as the fairy dust.
Flaunt your lingerie, couture and heels in style with the strokes of the Queen Color. No matter which shade is awarded the crown tomorrow, Queen M is “the highness” of today and the mystique of this shade is here to stay.

Oh No!!!! Visible Panty Lines

No matter what you are wearing, splendid attire from an eminent brand, the finest piece of trouser or a lovely maiden dress hugging your waist to flaunt your curves, you just cannot let ugly panty lines ruin your diva day.
So here is Lurewear’s easy guide to avoid the lines that ugs in the ugly.

visible panty lines

Image Credit :


Understand what causes a Visible Panty Line

Understand what causes a Visible Panty Line
Image Credits: Pininterest

Panty lines are caused when the backside cheeks of your body are wrapped with intersecting tight elastics. The dipped in elastic on both sides of the backside cheeks create an unpleasant presentation of the not so sexy lines.
The solution is quite simple. Find for yourself the right undergarment that scoots the elastics away from the visible area, and hides the indents created due to the unbreathable elastics.

Get to know your curves better

get to know your curves

We are all different in one way or the other; in this case, focus on the differences of the shape of your body. You might have often come across options that can solve someone else’s problem but fails to be a magic solution for yours. Do not be frustrated with the results. Finding your solution is as easy as a pie if you can only differentiate the curves of your body.
For those with a Fuller Figure: Make sure you pick up a style that covers your buttocks and does not dig within because of the uncomfortable fittings. Always choose the right fittings for your body. A High cut style or a Laser cut is always the best option.

For those with a Boyish Figure: Boy cuts are the safest bets with trousers apart from seamless panties. They provide complete coverage and are available in various cloth materials as per your comfort.

Find the right fabric for yourself


Lurewear Panties
Cotton often leads to rumbles, but not it designed with the right cuts, spandex always offers a smooth and fitted solution. Under panties designed with waistbands or a thinner quite invisible band of elastic around your thighs are fit to avoid panty lines.

Tie it up!
Image Credits:

One of the safest of all options is wearing a Thong that has absolutely no lines at all to show. While it does a perfect job of providing coverage, it also offers “only the required amount of coverage” and does not ruin the look of your attire.
You might have thought panty lines are an undefeatable evil that ruins your entire dressing personality but there is a always more than one solutions to your sartorial problems.

Keep reading to explore.

Lurewear Lands in an All Kids Zone

Driving your attention away from the world of sexy fittings, comfortable cuts and absolutely unique prints for the women of the generation, we have recently landed our wheels in an all kids zone.

smiling kids

Image credit :

Rummaging through kids underwear collection, what do you often come across? Bloomers, plenty of them, wrapped for the love of pink, with minimal prints if at all, varying within the delimited walls of polka dots and stars, and occasionally a bubbly animal face or cartoon popping its head on the surface of the underwear.

However, there is little doubt that “quality” is one of the major essentials of the most prominent brands today but the question is “Is that enough?” As a woman, would you compromise with the look or cuts of your lingerie for the sake of mere quality or would you go that extra mile to find for yourself the brand that focuses not only on the importance of promising quality and comfort but also takes into consideration your style quotient. We believe you are one of those to nod your head with the latter. We at Lurewear, understand your sentiments for style, and believe as a mother you feel the exact same way about your child’s collection of clothing.

lurewear kids panties

Lurewear Kids Panties

One might put up an interesting debate on why do variables like fittings or prints have to matter for arranging a child’s underwear wardrobe. The love for the right print or fits has less to do with an age group and revolves around our psychological needs. When we choose a right fit and an absolutely trendy under pant for ourselves, we are overwhelmed with a wave of happiness and confidence. Most importantly, a sexy nightwear, bikini, or pretty panty, makes us happy. Similarly, choosing a well fitted, comfortable and absolutely cute and brightly designed underwear for kids, could result in amusement, which is psychologically considered similar to happiness that manifests Smiles or laughter within children.

kids wearing

Image credit :

Some of you might be living with the notion that the dominance of pink and blue in a kid’s world is nothing but a stereotype composed by the society and will jump into the first train of color varieties that hop into your station with a new color composition for your kids. But the color scheme is not about choosing the unique, but about understanding the science of colors. Keeping all of the above mentioned in mind, our range of Lurewear Kids under panties are designed with a myriad of colors, assembled together to influence the mood and behavior of your little angels and super heroes as suggested by the color theory.


Lurewear Kids Panties

Glide through our kid’s range of briefs, bloomers and all new vests for bright little girls, painted with shades of warm colors like orange and yellow that can have an energizing effect on your kid and add to his or her cheer. The cutest prints that are absolutely admired by little kids are printed with happy colors like pink and cool colors like blue and green that has proven to have calming effect on the mind and decrease the chances of a teary eyed kid by lowering down their anxiety level. The elastic that wraps around the waist and legs is as soft as a fur.
Remember to shop smart the next time you hit a “add to the cart” or “buy” button online, as these absolutely pocket friendly under panties for kids are easily available on prominent websites like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and Paytm.

Fruitwears – A Botanical Exploration


Image Credits:

The sweetheart of the season has undoubtedly been the blooming floral prints painting our attires and favorite lingerie wears with their petals and soothing candy colors. But playing the chords of the “tropical burst” theme this season, enhancing the experience of the full creative spectrum, a new tune to the music is the adaptation of fruit prints. The sudden urge for a complete botanical exploration by the fashion industry would not have been complete without the introduction of fruit prints that add juice and flavor to the trend diaries.
Loading our fashion caravan with baskets of fruity designs, we at Lurewear have an enticing range of fruit print under pants to offer.
Lurewear Fruity Under Pants

Why the swift slide from everything floral to fruits? The answer is simple! You are going to love how your favorite fruits can add color and glamour to your lingerie collection. Most importantly there’s always a fruit to define your soul.

Turning down the heat are the watermelon prints that are a perfect fashion solution for those who prefer “chill” over “sizzle”. Adorable as a “poolside” print, watermelons can also pull out an amazing “right out of the travelling bag” look. Enjoy dressing up in a unique Piña Colada splash.

Image Credits:

If you would rather envelop yourself within a relaxed aura with the sizzle still on, orange is your perfect print. The punchy print has its own way of adding a vibrant energy to your travel bag and you know as long as you feel cheery inside, that’s exactly how you portray yourself to the outer world.

1DX_1981 vintage-print
Image Credits :

An easy way out to stay always in fashion during these summers, is choosing the popular fruits of the season. While you can choose to be the “apple of the eye” with red apple prints that compliment the flush of your cheeks in a crazy summer morning, you could also be the feisty grape girl and let the juicy and cheery splashes speak for your style.

Image Creadits :

To play things up a little, add some sweet to your look with the all time favorite strawberry prints. Childlike or sexy, strawberries have their own charm of pulling off looks while being a delectable and pretty treat to the eyes.
Nature has an ocean of inspirations for us to dive into and create impeccable and extra ordinary fashion for our people, and fruits are currently the fruitiest on our radar owing to the unique color splash, cheeky and trendy results it ends up in.
Keep visiting to learn more of trends that add heaps of “wonder” to the list of our “wonderful” designs.

Exclusive for our wanderlust readers!

The season to embrace ice creams, barred shoulders enveloped with sun screens, floras, stripes and star signs, stunning shades, and cruelty inspired swim wears to shoot right through men’s modest guts is here.

We know you are too occupied tossing in your favorite beach wears to ready your back pack for the much anticipated holidays. Stealing a few seconds from your strenuous schedule, we are here to guide your way to an unflinchingly well dressed summer lying ahead of you.

Kanika Kapoor, a singing sensation and often referred to as the Indian muse for the foreign based designers made our work easy after declaring “Cool” as the new “Hot” of the season in Vogue India’s April 2015 edition.
Afterall, we at Lurewear are committed to offer you with varied ranges of comfy underpants influenced with a style to keep your carnival flush alive throughout the season.

botanical gardenP.C:

The 2015 Summer Brazilian Fashion Week witnessed a blast of botanical beauties turning up the sizzle on stage. The lure of flowers and petals has come all the way from neat intricate floral prints to huge swirls of candy and botanical colors splashing on one another.

comfortable wearing

We say, dazzle the beaches with bikini style under panties adorned with prints that reflect your travelling spirits.
While we offer an array of prints to choose from to compliment your perfect sheer or floral little dress on the beaches, we also ensure this is so much chicer to carry than the usual monotonous bikinis you have been lazing around with.
lazing around with lurewear
And for the ladies who practically live inside water throughout the season, all your favorite soothing colors are strictly on our radar.

Driving the wind in your sail with force is the unexpected introduction of black and white as the traffic-stopping color of the beaches in 2015.

Black and white Lingerie


As the forecasters of the industry narrate the midnight shades as the knight of mornings, we reminisce setting these trends far before they were even declared as the “its” by the urban sophisticated.
Lure wear getting ready
It gets so much more easier to let the sunshine through and indulge merrily in water sport activities and allow the sand to glitter on your skin while you inhale the sweetest fragrance of summer in a faraway island, away from your everyday hurdles when you are dressed in an aura of unbridled comfort and nonpareil fashion sense.

Bask in the yellow, wave whites, bay in celestial blue and lose yourself in a tropical burst. Happy Holidays!

Rewriting The Pesky Rules

Hello Readers,

Rewriting the pesky rules

Image Credit :

The growing demand for body suits has established the need and obsession for hiding that nettlesome flab of fat protruding beneath the layers of your immaculate clothing. With the availability of varied kinds of lingerie that can hide your unwanted tire within their tightened fabric, who would not want to undergo a sexy switch from the “simple maiden” to the “bombshell” or the “ravishing life of the party”???…

lurewear lingerie

Image Credit :

Another option to achieve the same is the widely available corsets in the market.
Remember how the men once drooled over the curves of Kate Winslet in the classic Hollywood romance flick “Titanic” and how you wondered why the diva often grasped for breath while her maid dressed her up for an event?
The industry now offers plenty of options to flaunt your curves by carefully concealing the bumps around your curves. But the tragic corollary behind adopting a bodysuit or a corset to your everyday lifestyle is that you are damned within the clutches of an extremely tight piece of lingerie for the rest of your life.
Unless you are absolutely prepared to grasp for your breath to look hot and happening and are ready to face the innumerable hurdles of heading to the loo and frittering all your time detaching your piece of bodysuit, Lurewear has a better and far more comfortable option to offer.

Lurewear - Rewriting the pesky rules
The range of Lure Tummy Control briefs has been specifically designed to hold the fat flab of your stomach inside with its tightened waist band.
Why trap your entire body within meshes and layers of satins and uncomfortable derma wears all day when your bump and love handle problems can be easily met with, with an innocent band?
Tummy control briefs is one of the best choice available in the market today, that offers a fat fighting solution all day long and is comfortable to opt as a regular wear. Thanks to the use of your friendly cotton you can run, jump and dance your way through the day knowing that you are enveloped within a perfectly skin friendly quality. Also this does not leave behind marks around its hemlines proving to you that you have saved fragile skin from being tortured all day long within the unbearable clench of discomfort.
Taking into consideration the dawn of the hot and humid summers of our country, these tummy control briefs also ensure to keep your skin safe from any kind of blisters that can otherwise be caused due to wearing fat fighting lingerie that heats up your skin within its layers and leaves no room for your skin to breathe.
A sexy, well fitted, corset and bodysuit might be the lingerie de rigeur for a splendid evening amidst lime lights and bottles of wine, but these tummy control briefs are the answer to your regular wear questions.

Your Comfort – Our Responsibility

Welcome back,
Gone are the times when women dreaded those five days of every month when embarrassment was crowned on them with silly social beliefs that demanded staying away from the kitchen, sleeping on the floor away from their partner and hiding away from the society in despair. Although our country still has those mindsets breathing across the map, we have also managed to grow a bunch of men and women who believe in female empowerment and respect the circle of science.

your comfort our responsibility

Image credit :

This post is for all our free spirited readers, and for those who are stuck behind the cages of social stigma. The mark on your skirt is NOT YOUR FAULT or your choice to make, it is a part of the enormous universe of science we are enveloped with and you must learn to live with it, not with guilt or shame, but with confidence and dignity.
Your painful five days do not have to be a reason why you could not make it to the office on an important meeting, or why you backed out from a dance performance you have been preparing for months, or the reason why you could not perform your best during your exams because your mind was occupied with discomfort, or worry of stains. They are just as normal as the 26 or 27 other days of the month, with little to worry about.

lurewear stylesteller

Image credit :

While a significant part of the society restricts your flight on days like these, the empowered and the influential have too many expectations from you to worry about it. For the working women, and the jovial teen, and of-course, the responsible mothers, Lurewear, the brand that specializes in creating undergarments as per the need of the hour has a magic solution.

comfortable wearing



“Lurewear Period Panties” is the solution to discomfort, uneasy movements, inappropriate fittings and fear of stains. The products are made of fine quality fabric that compliments your delicate skin and is fret free to avoid abrasions and infections on these days.
Noting your need to glide around probably with those high heels with the perfection you always carry, the panties have soft corners to protect your subtle skin from scars it does not deserve.
The application of leak proof covers on the body of the under panties are the means of great source of confidence to stay stain free throughout the day for our chivalrous generation of women.

As the strong, unshakeable and determined voices of 99 influential women of bollywood industry including bold and beautiful Deepika Padukone, director Zoya Akhtar, and film critic Anupama Chopra present their strong voice, and expressions to tell you it’s your choice to live your life the way you want without being judged for your every move by the society in the latest Vogue Empower fashion film that went viral, we at Lurewear, ask you to make a choice that brings you inner peace, and develops your confidence amidst the crowd. Do not bow down to the dictators of the patriarchal hierarchy and let them bruise you on weakest of times, find the right shield and conquer your fears.


Fifty Shades of Lurewear

Welcome back dear readers!

It’s been a long and lustful month of unending valentine celebrations in Hollywood. Right from the release of “The Boy next door” to the most awaited release of the steamy narration of E.L James best seller, “The Fifty shades of Grey”, the generations have been obsessed with the portrayal and depiction of their most fantasized novel characters, the bold bondage believer Mr. Grey and the distressed, teary eyed and breathless Anastacia. Amidst the growing brouhaha around the wildly choreographed love scenes, I could not help but notice how the golden rule of utilizing all the silk, satin, shimmer and laces for a perfect scene of lustful satisfaction has been rewritten by the year’s most happening sex drama. You might want to take a look at the lingerie wardrobe of Miss Anastacia if you are done losing your senses in the eyes of Mr Grey (for the absolutely precious female readers).
Fifty Shades of Lurewear

A soft and undone updo- is the new style introduced to the world of fashion and lingerie. There is nothing less sparky and attractive about the amalgamation of a piece of comfy cloth, bold or unique shades of the color palette and cuts that hide the assets of women delicately within its layers. The idea is not to let the Mr Greys out there be distracted with the artificial layers over the real possessions.
Whatever made you believe transparent and blings are the real kings of frilly, has been carefully transported to the list of “old school”. This age is for the “tropical burst”. The whirl of pastel and bright colors clashing into creating the most interesting shades that envelope Lurewear lingerie where comfy and sex appeal come hand in hand.
The availability of our products online makes it a blessing to stay updated with what’s on the radar not only for the affluent fashion followers but also for the small townies, or the Jenny Humphrees of the city.
When it comes to the matter of lust and fashion, what speaks louder than any kind of action or word is the selection of what to wear or in our world – the choice of lingerie. Speaking of which, candy coating is the new traffic stopper! Interestingly, it is also what drives that point home.
The one thing common shared between The Fifty shades of Grey and Lurewear is the fact that we are both open to the adaptation of the unique, unusual and the unexpected touch. And while your hands have not yet been tied or stapled, you can make the choice of selecting and spending on the right frilly that are the “ripest” choices of the season.
You might find it humorous and flattering to know, that men often compare women with a bottle of wine. While your My Grey is preparing to meet you, you decide whether you wanna be the Hills Pinnot Noir bottle of wine that keeps the men hanging in the louver, A Cabernet Sauvignon (the high maintenance type), the wines that like to nest and age gracefully, or the exotic outsider rather than the domestic wine.
P.S : Sounds like nothing could be more appealing than the shades of a women.